Get one of the fastest growing market segments in the U.S. talking about your company


The multicultural market is one of the fastest growing markets in the United States.  It now represents $2.5 trillion in business – and counting!  Also, the Hispanic and Asian populations within the United States have increased by 43% since 2000.

Has your company penetrated this market?  If not, then you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Beltran Media has been recognized nationally for its strategic Hispanic marketing focus, as our founder, Terry Beltran, was the first Latina  entrepreneur from Michigan to win the prestigious Latina Style award from Latina Style magazine, in 2008.  In her career at GM, she spearheaded a sales program at General Motors to reach the Hispanic market, which resulted in a 35-45% increase in sales for several North American Hispanic regions.

Beltran Media also received an award  from the Corp Magazine in 2013 for its focus on diversity.   Also, in 2013, Beltran Media was awarded by the great seal of the state of Michigan in the category  “Hispanic Business / Economic Development Award by the Hispanic Latino Commission of Michigan Hispanic Legislative Caucus.

Also, Ask the Latina is a website created by BeltranMedia, designed to provide Latinas at any stage of their lives the resources to empower your economic status, health, knowledge of financial or legal factors, how to start and sustain a business and continued education. This website is developed to bring Latinas together to empower us by size and voice. You will learn from other Latina leaders and how they overcame obstacles.

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